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Personality: Alen Deory

By Ushimi Linggi

Alen Deory, a 19 year old Indian professional footballer who plays primarily as a winger for Shillong Lajong in the I-League will be seen playing midfield for the North East United Football Club (NEUFC) in the Indian Super League (ISL) in October this year.  We at Look East Spark (LES) managed to grab an interview with this bright, young star between his busy schedules.

Look East Spark (LES): We know that you have a deep connection with football, and our readers are eager to know how you made it into the field.

Alen Deory (AD): My father introduced me to this game, and years later, I was learning under Mr Das in ‘Young Star Football Coaching Centre’ at Nehru stadium, Guwahati. From there I played under district level and then state and that was it, there was no looking back after that. My only strategy was to play good and give my one hundred percent each time.

LES:  Tell us about your first international game?

AD: My first international game was in 2009, and we were representing team India at Iran. It was very exciting.

LES: Who’s your favourite player?

AD: This could sound clichéd, but I’m a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. I like everything about him, his style, and the way he plays with the ball. I’ve never seen anybody who does total justice to the ball and the field.

LES: You have made it to the Indian Super League (ISL) now. How has the experience been so far?

AD: There’s not much of a difference, but we’re very excited about the game as we have new national and international players among us. So there’s a lot of improvement this year. Our team owner John Abraham, manager Rahul Sharma and head coach Cesar Farias always make us feel like family, so the overall experience has been amazing.

LES: What initiatives do you think need to be taken to accelerate the growth of sports in the NE?

AD: Having experienced different grounds, states and areas, I’ve mostly witnessed that we (northeast region) lack proper facilities compared to mainland India.

If our aspiring players get proper facilities like dietary supplements, experienced coaches and equipments, the time won’t be far when our region will produce the best players in the country.

LES: Everyone comes across a few obstacles and fears. How would you say you overcame them?

AD: Growing up, we had to endure some tough financial situations. But my father was always there to support us (me and my older brother) in every possible way. My father is the greatest inspiration for me. No matter how many times I fell down in a game or life, he taught me to never give up and that’s why I’m here today.

LES: How well would you say your family has supported your decision?

AD: My family has been tremendously supportive from the very beginning. My father was a great football player, but our family was not financially established and he had to take the responsibility of the entire family and couldn’t afford to pursue his dreams.  One day, my father took me and my brother to the field adjacent to our home at Noonmati, Guwahati and asked us to kick the ball turn by turn and that was my first kick, at the age of six. Growing up, my father always came to see us play, and I always took immense pride in the effort he made. That’s how I got here. My brother plays for a club at Goa now.

LES: What are your plans for the future?

AD: After representing India in the under-19 category, I now want to play for the senior national team.

LES: Any advice for aspiring football players from our region?

AD: Work hard! There’s no shortcut when it comes to football. There’s no other way around. Play with all your heart, give your best and god will always be there to guide us. Problems and obstacles will always be there, but who doesn’t? Have respect for the game. No matter how hard you fall, always get up and stand your ground.

Look East Spark

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