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‘To gay or not to gay’ is the question on everyone’s lips these days because India doesn’t have any major problems of its own so why not spend all our time and energy debating America’s legalization of gay marriage. After all in India, we don’t have poverty, unemployment, scams etc to deal with anymore since Modi waved his magic wand and Acche Dins kept rolling. Hold on, I am not against the ruling, like any sane individual, I believe in equal rights for every human being. And who a person decides to love or marry is none of my business nor should it be anyone else’s. The truly annoying part of this was not even the barrage of rainbow colored DP’s on my Facebook timeline (which even I was guilty of but in my defense I thought I was promoting the new Govinda movie) but the reaction of religious nuts in our country who spewed so much venom on social media; they made Hitler look like Alok Nath.

Fundamentalist Hindus, Muslims and Christians may fight like killer cocks all round the year but mention gay rights and they come together like the characters of a Sooraj Barjatya movie. Holy men of all faiths have laid claim to having the cure for homosexuality, after all it being a disease. The right dosage of mantras and verses mixed with some heavenly water and wine makes you go from Bobby Darling to Bobby Deol in no time. Yes it rhymed. Yes I am the Eminem of gay literature. See we have to understand where they are coming from too; kids of these religious parents don’t even get to marry someone out of their caste, and can’t even think of studying anything besides engineering and you want them to accept a same sex spouse! Come on what are you smoking? (The writer does not endorse smoking, Mukesh dies when you smoke).

This is India pals, our world is divided into Bhakts and Sickulars or if you are higher up on the intellectual scale then SRKians and Salmaniacs. So while wild scenes of celebrations welcomed the US Supreme Court verdict and #LoveWins trended worldwide on Twitter, in India the draconian Section 377 continued to stand. For the uninitiated, Section 377 of the IPC is an archaic colonial legacy that banned sexual intercourse “against the order of nature” in 1860. Yes you heard it right, a law from 1860! Forget India, even the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t born then.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which India has ratified, grants all human beings the Right to marriage and to start a family. Article 14 of the Indian Constitution guarantees us Right to Equality. So are LGBT citizens not human beings? And if they are, are they inferior to the heterosexual citizens of India?  Arguments such as this have been made by thousands across the nation; but in vain.

Even though these are the questions that need answering on this subject, more often than not you come across the idiotic queries.  "So, who pays the dowry in such marriages?" "Who moves to whose place once they tie the knot?" And the most irritating one being “Why are you supporting these gay people, are you a gay?” I was supporting the closure of the Yulin festival in China. Was I a dog then? I also signed petitions against the deforestation of Mahan. Not a tree, still being human (Bhai style). Things have to change but considering the present circumstances where the Supreme Court has abdicated its responsibility in upholding fundamental rights of its citizens and the elected government has thrown in the towel, if you are happy and you are gay, clap your hands because that’s all you can do in this country if you are from the LGBT community.

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