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Shergaon; A walk around in a perfect heritage village

Tucked in a valley of West Kameng District in Arunachal Pradesh lies a beautiful village called Shergaon or Shenthuk known by the inhabitants of the village; the Sherdukpens.

A village still undiscovered by the tourists, bears the potential to become one of the most searched holiday escape. From angling to trekking, culture to ethnic architecture, wild berries to apple orchards; the small hamlet has everything for a traveller to a ‘day well spent’ experience.

One would not want to miss the scenic beauty of the Shergaon from the hilltops. Spending hours on the grasslands looking at the valley with small beautiful houses and tomato fields would feel worthwhile. Or one can just make their way to the State Horticulture farm which is half-kilometer away from the village where there are more than hundred varieties of apples and other fruits.


Walking in the village is an experience by itself, while the whole moment is filled with amazement by the architecture of the Sherdukpen traditional house, the icing on the cake is the visuals of all sorts of wild berries grown like a sparkling emerald wherever one go. For an avid traveler, the village is a treat to walk around in the lush green trees along the path and a true discovery of a legacy that haven’t been explored much. Age-old rice mills, the Buddhist Chortens and the sound of the streams and birds  realize that trip to this place was the perfect way to escape from the commercialized tourist destinations. 
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